Draft Zoning Resolution

The Zoning Commission is in the process of reviewing draft articles (chapters) of what will become the proposed Ross Township Zoning Resolution.  Following the Zoning Commission's initial review, the articles will be posted here for review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to submit your comments or questions through the Contact Page. The articles that are available for review are highlighted below while ones that are still to be drafted or under review are grayed out. To download and review, please click on the bolded title of the article.

Article 1: General Provisions
Article 2: Administration
Article 3: Review Procedures
Article 4: Establishment of Zoning Districts
Article 5: Base Zoning Districts and Principal Use Regulations
Article 6: Overlay Zoning Districts
Article 7: Planned Unit Development (PUD) Districts
Article 8: Accessory and Temporary Use Regulations
Article 9: General Development Standards
Article 10: Architectural Standards
Article 11: Landscaping Standards
Article 12: Parking, Loading, and Circulation Standards
Article 13: Signage Standards
Article 14: Nonconformities
Article 15: Enforcement and Penalties
Article 16: Definitions