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Ross Township has begun the process of updating the township's land use plan to create a township comprehensive plan. At the same time, the township is also embarking on a process to develop a township zoning resolution. Both projects will give the residents of Ross Township more say in the future of the community. See below for more information on each task.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a planning tool that evaluates various aspects of the township and establishes a series of policies to help guide future decisions about the physical, economic, environmental, and community service aspects of the township. Comprehensive plans are general in nature and are purposely long-term, recognizing that some visions cannot be achieved immediately but take years to accomplish. Currently the township has a land use plan that you can find under the Project Files tab of this site. The Envision Ross project will evaluate if there is any need for changes to this map and develop township goals and objectives for the future to create a comprehensive plan that will help with the development of a township zoning resolution.


What is Zoning?

Zoning, at its core, is a set of legal rules that address how properties can be used within different areas of the township, as well as site design elements such as signage, landscaping, parking, and access. Currently, Ross Township has zoning but it is controlled by Butler County. The Envision Ross project will help the township take steps that could result in the township controlling its own zoning. To do this, the township must first develop its own zoning resolution and zoning map (Envision Ross) and then that resolution and map will be placed on a ballot for the voters of Ross Township to determine if they want to have township controlled zoning. We anticipate that the zoning resolution will take most of the year 2021 to develop, including outreach to the community, and will be put on a ballot during either the primary election or general election in 2022. Stay tuned to this website for more information as we proceed through the process.

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County Planning Commission Hearing

On April 28th, the Ross Township Zoning Commission recommended the approval of the draft Ross Township Zoning Resolution and Map. The next step in having the resolution placed on the ballot is for the resolution to be reviewed by the Butler County Planning Commission who will do so at their May 10, 2022 meeting at 3:00 pm. Depending on the recommendation from the county, the township will be setting up either a public hearing with the Township Trustees or a second public hearing with the Zoning Commission (based on state law requirements) with 30 days public notice. We will update this website with the hearing dates and times following the county's recommendation. 

Click on the links above for the draft zoning resolution text and the draft zoning map. The link below outlines the proposed zoning department costs for taking on township zoning.

Public Meeting Presentation

Thank you to all of the Ross Township residents who made it out to the public meeting on February 24th to learn more about the draft comprehensive plan and draft zoning resolution. For those that were unable to attend, you can click on the button below to download a copy of the presentation that includes maps and summary of information.

The purpose of this meeting was informational to outline the process to move forward with township zoning and to provide an overview of the draft plan and zoning resolution. You can find draft versions of the documents by going to the Project Files page (Comprehensive Land Use Plan Draft) and the  Draft Zoning Resolution Tab. 

As noted at the meeting, the township welcomes comments and questions at any time. Feel free to send any questions or comments via this website by going to the Contact page or clicking on the button below. You can also provide written comments by dropping them off at the township administrative offices or mailing them to:

Ross Township

Attn: Laurie Kile, Township Administrator

4055 Hamilton Cleves Rd.
Fairfield, Ohio 45014